Waterproof Woodgrain PVC Foam Trim Board With Film

  • Waterproof Woodgrain PVC Foam Trim Board With Film
  • Waterproof Woodgrain PVC Foam Trim Board With Film
  • Waterproof Woodgrain PVC Foam Trim Board With Film
  • Waterproof Woodgrain PVC Foam Trim Board With Film
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Woodgrain PVC Trim Potentech trim boards are a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that won’t swell, rot, split, delaminate or cup under harsh conditions. Nice wood texture on one side and a satin smooth finish on the other. You can nail, glue, drill, rout and cut Potentech trim boards. Trim boards using the same tools you would use with wood. Potentech trim boards Trim boards are UV-resistant and do not require paint for protection. If painting is desired, do not use a dark color where Potentech trim boards will be exposed to the sun. Exterior graded hardware and glue can be used, but it is not recommended to use a silicone based product. Potentech Sealed Edges and non-sealed edges Trimboard are also available on woodgrain texture finish.

Waterproof Woodgrain PVC Foam Trim Board With Film

Potentech Woodgrain PVC Trim has two types:

Basic TrimBoard Edges

Sealed Edges Trimboard

 Potentech PVC Trim is available in two finishes, Smooth Matte and Timber Ridge

Potentech Woodgrain PVC Trim Thickness from 3/8"(9.5mm) to 1-1/2"(38mm)

9 standard width and custom

Standard 18-ft lengths and custom

Woodgrain PVC Trim

Rot Free

Low Maintenance

Woodgrain PVC Trim

Woodgrain PVC

Potentech PVC foam sheets and mouldings is life time no rot warranty.

Potentech warrants to the original purchaser that each Potentech Product will be free from manufacturing defects that cause the Product to corrode, delaminate, or excessively swell from moisture for a period of thirty (30) years, from the date of the original consumer purchase. 

Each Purchaser of a Potentech Product is solely responsible for determining the effectiveness, suitability and safety of any particular use or application of the Product.

Potentech reserves the right to investigate any claim hereunder 

Building code regulations vary from area to area. 

Each Purchaser should consult local building and safety codes for specific requirements.

Lead free, Recycling and Reuse.

There are no toxic or harmful substances in our products, that can be given off smells over the long term.

Never have there been formaldehyde, asbestos, Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE, nor FCKW in our sheets.

The material is made without any monomers, biocides or plasticisers.

Potentech products comply with RoHs directive, passed TVOC(TotalVolatileOrganicCompound) and BS-6853 Evaluation of Toxic Fumes Generated During Burning Testing. By the same time Potentech got the Green Label Certificate.

This is why Potentech PVC Foam Sheets and Mouldings pose absolutely no hazard to people or the environment, neither during their production, while in use, nor during the recycling process. 

Old sheets/mouldiings no longer in use, or left-over sections of sheets/mouldings, can easily be recycled.

They are ground up in shredders and cutting machines before returned to the production process to make new sheets or mouldings. 

This closed material cycle is not only economical, but ecological too.

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