PVC Thermo Stop Trim Moulding Profile

  • PVC Thermo Stop Trim Moulding Profile
  • PVC Thermo Stop Trim Moulding Profile
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  • 20 containers per month
PVC Thermo Stop Moulding is new environmental product, with features of Low Maintenance cleans easily with soap and water, save labor Lightweight and easy to install, superior nailing & gluing Not easy to scratch No painting required unless desired No rot, crack,split or warp, water resistant, termite and insect proof, Fire-retardant, resistant to chemicals and corrosion 100% recyclable.

PVC Thermo Stop Trim Moulding Profile 

PVC Thermo Stop Moulding add home decor accents to the interior and extrior of your home or commerical building.

To enhance the beauty and style of your home by emphasizing contrast and transition along your walls, doorframes, baseboards and much more.

PVC Thermo Stop Moulding


Always store sheets or mouldings on a dry and even surface. 

Packaged sheets or mouldings must not be exposed to weathering or sunlight. 

Potentech PVC foam sheets or mouldings can be easily processed using standard wood tools. 

Make sure to remove the protective film before mounting the sheets or mouldings in frames. 

As a general rule, the protective fillm must not be exposed to weathering for periods extending 3 months.

Be sure not to store sheets or mouldings in areas prone to heat buildup like asphalt driveways or roofs. 

Stored outside should be covered to keep the product clean. 

If it does get dirty, clean after installation.

Most dirt can be removed from our sheets or mouldings only with mild detergent and water. 

For more stubborn stains, try a mild household cleaner & degreaser like Clorox Cleanup or Clorox Outdoors, alcohol or Soft scrub with bleach.

Potentech PVC foam sheets and mouldings are working Similar to Wood.

They are very easy to take care and virtually maintenance free.

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