House Construction Case Study


A residence located along the Virginia shoreline, constructed using PVC materials supplied by POTENTECH, PVC Foam Sheets, Trimboards and Mouldings.

PVC foam board

Coping with these drastic temperature changes underscores the necessity for interior design elements that can adapt to frequent expansion and contraction phenomena.

Potentech PVC foam sheets and mouldings is life time no rot warranty

Potentech PVC foam sheets and mouldings is life time no rot warranty.

Potentech warrants to the original purchaser that each Potentech Product will be free from manufacturing defects that cause the Product to corrode, delaminate, or excessively swell from moisture for a period of thirty (30) years, from the date of the original consumer purchase. 

Each Purchaser of a Potentech Product is solely responsible for determining the effectiveness, suitability and safety of any particular use or application of the Product.

Potentech reserves the right to investigate any claim hereunder


Building code regulations vary from area to area. 

Each Purchaser should consult local building and safety codes for specific requirements.

PVC mouldingPVC trimboardPVC foam boardPVC mouldingPVC trimboardPVC foam board

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