The process elements of PVC foam board

The process elements of PVC foam board

In the production of PVC foam board brands, the length of the straight section and the compression ratio of the mold vary depending on the thickness of the product. Due to the thick foam layer and elastic deformation space, the straight section of the thick plate mold is longer and has a higher compression ratio, which can improve the melting pressure and foaming speed. The flat section of the mold is generally designed to be shorter to prevent compression due to excessive melting pressure.

If used improperly, it can lead to the misuse of thin and thick plate molds, increase the flow resistance of the export mold, uneven discharge, and lead to uneven surface, reduced melt strength, and even plate breakage, thereby shortening the production cycle. When producing thick plates and misusing thin plate molds, the melting pressure of the outlet mold will be too low, which will increase bubble holes and cause bubble rupture.

PVC foam board

Solution: Before producing PVC foam boards with different thicknesses of shells, it is necessary to select the correct mold. During the foaming process of materials, the gas decomposed by the foaming agent forms bubbles in the melt.

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