The Marine applications——PVC Foam board

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam boards are commonly used in marine applications due to their lightweight, durable, and water-resistant properties.

Boat Building: PVC foam boards are popular materials for constructing boat interiors, bulkheads, and transoms.   

Their lightweight nature contributes to fuel efficiency, and their water resistance helps prevent damage from exposure to moisture.

Decking: PVC foam boards can be used for marine decking.   

They provide a non-slip surface and are resistant to water, chemicals, and UV radiation.   

This makes them a suitable material for boat decks and other surfaces exposed to marine conditions.

Bulkheads and Partitions: PVC foam boards are often employed for creating bulkheads and partitions in marine structures.   

They offer excellent structural support while being lightweight, which is crucial for maintaining a balance between strength and weight in boats and other marine vessels.

Cabinetry and Interiors: Due to their aesthetic appeal, resistance to moisture, and ease of fabrication, PVC foam boards are used in the construction of marine cabinetry, interior panels, and decorative elements.

PVC Foam board

PVC Sheet

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