The diagonal deviation to PVC foam board for printing

Diagonal Deviation

PVC foam board for printing

Diagonal deviation measures the distance between two points on opposite corners of the PVC foam board, typically in the form of a diagonal line.  

The purpose is to determine if the board is flat and not warped or distorted.  

A lower diagonal deviation value indicates a flatter board, which is essential for accurate and consistent printing.

PVC Foam Board

PVC foam boards are commonly used in the printing industry as a substrate for various types of printing, including direct UV printing, screen printing, and digital printing. These boards are known for their lightweight, rigid, and smooth surface, making them suitable for high-quality graphic applications.

The diagonal deviation measurement is crucial for ensuring that the PVC foam board is suitable for printing. 

If the board has significant deviations or warping along its diagonal axis, it can result in printing issues, such as misalignment, distortion, and ink adhesion problems. 

Therefore, manufacturers and printers may use this measurement to assess the quality of the PVC foam board before using it in printing applications.

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PVC Foam board

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