How to install PVC Bead board?

PVC Bead board 

PVC Bead board moulding is using PVC celuka process. PVC moulding

PVC Bead board is new environmental product, with features of 

Low Maintenance

Cleans easily with soap and water

Save labor

Lightweight and easy to install

Superior nailing&gluing

Not easy to scratch

No painting required unless desired

Termite and insect proof

No Rot, crack, split or warp

Water resistant

Mold and mildew free

100% recyclable

High energy efficiency

Fire-retardant (self-extinguishing)

Resistant to chemicals and corrosion

Thus, they are widely used in building construction&decoration. 

Installation Instruction of Bead Board 

1. Allow 1/4" at each end of a run of Beadboard for expansion.PVC mould

2. Tongue and groove joints permit concealed nailing.

3. This is accomplished by nailing at approximately a 45 degree angle through the base of the tongue (perpendicular into nailing tab on PVC Beadboards).

4. The groove of the next board then covers the nail head.

5. In order to avoid any sag, it is important that PVC Beadboard should be nailed on length maximum every 16"on center.


PVC Bead board

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PVC moulding

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