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PVC Base Cap Moulding/Interior Moulding/PVC Moulding

Processing Technology:Celuka


Iteml No.:PVC164



Payment:30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment. T/T L/C

Delivery Time:15-30 days.

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PVC Moulding is new environmental product, with features of Low Maintenance cleans easily with soap and water, Save labor,Lightweight and easy to install, Superior nailing&gluing, Not easy to scratch,No painting required unless desired, Termite and insect proof, No Rot, crack, split or warp, Waterresistant, Mold and mildew free, 100% recyclable, High energy efficiency, Fire-retardant (self-extinguishing), Resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Thus, they are widely used in building construction&decoration.

Description about PVC  Moulding

Potentech PVC Trim and Moulding are using the free foam extrusion process.It has a consistent cell structure and density from surface to core that performs well in building applications. Potentech offersa variety of extruded PVC mouldings to complement our PVC Trims.Our Mouldings’ patterns, used individually or in combination, should cover most interior or exterior trim application encountered.Thickness from 3/8″ to 1-1/2″, sheet width 4′, up to infinity length.

Product Name Potentech PVC Mouldings
Material PVC/UPVC
Size thickness from 3/8” to 1”, sheet width 4′, up to infinity in length
Density 0.6-0.65g/cm3
Processing Technology Free Foam / Celuka
Color White(If custom color is desired, it is easy to paint)
Faced wood grain embossed texture and simematter white smooth surface,

 readily accepts paints.

Catalog of PVC Mouldings )

pvc moulding

pvc mouldings

Application of  PVC Moulding

pvc exterior moulding

pvc exterior mouldings

 Potentech PVC Trims and Mouldings are working similar to Wood, but provide 60% more than wood in energy efficiency with better durability and low maintenance.Potentech PVC Mouldings are available in the most popular styles, from crown moulding styles to scotia and it adds the perfect finish to Door Frame Systems, Garage Door Systems, and Planking Systems.

pvc window mouldingpvc interior moulding

pvc baseboard

pvc crown moulding pvc base board pvc window sill pvc casing profile

 Potentech PVC Foam Boards/Sheets and Mouldings combine a great advantages.PVC Foam Boards/Sheets and Mouldings are very light, no rot&mold,imperious to moisture&insectsdurable,flexible,fire-retardant and also highly economical at the same time, virtually maintenace free. no rot&mold,virttually maintenance free.

Potentech PVC Foam Sheets and Mouldings have the ideal properties for further processing, Exceedingly easy to work !


2.Forming:thermoforming is possible up to a certian degree,be bent and folded when heated,embossing,gluing

Printing, Lacquering and film-laminating

3.Maxmum possible process reliability

4.Tested on all flat-bed printers available 

5.Rapid processing speeds

pvc foam sheet

Maching Working Guide 


    High-speed bandsaws and circular with a cutting speed of up to 3000m/min are recommended. Depending on the thickness of the sheets, saw blades with a tooth pitch of between 5 and 10 mm are used. For circular saws, it is normally recommended to use blades with a tooth geometry that alternates between flat teeth ,trapezoidal teeth and carbide-tipped teeth.

    The saw blade diameter and the number of teeth must be coornated to match the material to be machined,the machine type and the machine speed. In order to obtain clean edges to cuts and avoid cracking,always clamp the sheet  material in the workingholding fixture in such a way that it does not vibrate.


   All PVC foam sheets in question can be drilled using the sort of twist drills familiar from drilling metals, whose angle of twist is appro. 30°.The point (or nose)angle can be up to approx.110°,while the lip relif angle should be no smaller than 12-16°. the cutting and feed speeds depend on the depth of the hole to be drilled: the thicker the sheet,the slower the speed. For  hole larger than 40mm in diameter are cut using circular cutters(e.g. quick-helix drills).

Lser Cutting

Due to the heat that is transferred to the material during laser cutting, this process is unsuitable for PVC foam sheet/boards.

Potentech Advantage of PVC Foam Sheets/Boards

 1. Green and ECO Friendly Environmental Products

  • Lead free, comply with RoHs directive 2011/65/EU Annex II.
  • Green Label certification
  • Passed TVOC(Total Volatile Organic Compound) testing.
  •  High Fire-retardant performance
  • USA: UL-94 For building material V-0 Class (highest class);
  • France: NF P92-501 M1 (highest class)
  • Passed BS-6853Evaluation of Toxic Fumes Generated During Buring Testing(R<0.3)

2. A complete quality management system provide stable quality products.

  • In 2012 Potentech is certificated with the ISO14001:2004 quality standands. Potentech has formed
  • a set of complete procedure & system from selecting suppliers, inspecting raw material, monitoring production process and testing product.
  • By product code management, each product has a set of formulation, production technique and
  • internal quality control standard. Standardized QC processes and methods, in order to provide the high-quality & stable product.

pvc foam board cutting

Storage and Maintenance

    Always store PVC foam sheet or mouldings on a dry and even surface. Packaged PVC foam sheet or mouldings must not be exposed to weathering or sunlight.

    Potentech PVC foam board or mouldings can be easily processed using standard wood tools. Make sure to remove the protective film before mounting the sheets or moulfings in frames.

   As a general rule, the protective film must not be exposed to weathering for periods extending 3 months. Be sure not to store pvc sheet or mouldings in area prone to heat buildup like asphalt driveways or roofs.

   Stored outside should be covered too keep thr pvc foam sheet or mouldings clean. if it does get dirty,clean after installation. Most dirt can be removed from our sheets or mouldings only with mild detergent and water.

   For more stubborn stains,try a mild household cleaner& degreaser like Clorox Cleanup or Clorox Outdoors,alcohol or soft scrub with bleach.

   Potentech PVC foamed sheets and mouldings are similar to wood. they are very easy to take care and virtually maintenance free.


   Potentech PVC foam sheets and mouldings is life time no rot warranty. Potentech warrants to the original purchaser that each Potentech product will be free from manufacturing defects that cause the to corrode,delaminate, or excessively swell from moisture for a period of thirty (30) years, from the date of the original consumer purchase.

   Each Purchaser of a Potentech product is solely responsible for determining the effectiveness, suitability and safety of any particular use or application of the PVC foam board/sheet or moulding.

   Potentech reserves the right to investigate any claim hereunder. Building code regulations vary from area to area. Each Purchaser should consult local building and safety codes for specific requirements.


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Product Name:PVC Base Cap Moulding/Interior Moulding/PVC Moulding

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